Covid Safe Team Group

Where a Team Group are all in the same bubble they can be photographed according to the procedure for Traditional Class Groups

Where Sports teams and staff groups are in different bubbles they can be photographed in the following way:

  • Our photographers set up their equipment and ensure the students can queue for their covid safe class group photographs, adhering to government guidelines
  • Weather permitting an outdoor location would be ideal. In the case of poor weather a large airy location will be necessary – Ideally the school hall or gym.
  • New schedules produced to preserve the ‘bubbles’ they are in
  • The photographer will  be a minimum of 2m away from students and staff and where appropriate wear all necessary PPE
  • Clear direction on where to stand or sit for the photograph
  • Once the first group of students has been photographed the procedure will be repeated a number of times until the image is complete 
  • The separate images are then combined digitally in our lab to produce the final photograph
  • The images are then uploaded to your school portal and can be viewed. Any changes can be made at this point 
  • Once you have approved the images they will then be made available to your students and parents
  • Notifications are sent to parents who have signed up to Quick Pics™
  • Images can be viewed and ordered online
  • After each bubble of students has been photographed, all surfaces that may have been in contact are wiped down with an approved disinfectant 
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Team Group Risk Assessment – click here



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